Be Freed!

“You actually freed-up a lot of tension in my body that nobody has been able to free...”

~ Jennifer G, LMT/Business Owner

Customer Reviews

This page contains a sampling of the many reviews written by satisfied customers. The reviews were submitted by people who have booked a massage through my online scheduling service- Genbook. You can read more reviews posted on the Genbook page by clicking here

My Massage 48 hours ago!
The BEST and most important aspect of Kulawan's massage is 48 hours later I am STILL feeling the healing effects! I am not sore after her massage (this happens to me after some other ones) and I just know my body continues to heal long after my visit! Also, I love that she gives me "homework" like stretches, etc for continues improvement on my own! Ohhh to be rich, I would have a Thai massage with Kulawan every day!!
~ Lisa C 
The best massage in this area!
This was my first experience with a Thai massage. I heard great reviews about it from my friends and thought I would try it too. Kulawan could help release all the stress points in my neck and back helping me feel much less tense. I left feeling completely relaxed and looking forward to my next visit. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who's looking for a great massage to feel rejuvenated and relaxed.
~ S.P. 
Thai Massage- third visit
This was my third visit and my first ninety minute session. As good as the first two were, this far exceeded my expectations. I left feeling totally relaxed and looking forward to my next visit. I highly recommend to anyone that has not had the Thai experience that you come here. Your body and mind will thank you.
~ Mark M
amazing massage
This was my first experience with a Thai massage having only previously experienced the "traditional" type massage in the past. It was a truly amazing experience. My life has been very stressful, and that evening I slept more deeply than I had in a long time. Kullawan managed to break through the tightness in my neck, leaving me with a much more relaxed and less tense feeling. I can honestly say I now know why she has gotten all the wonderful reviews listed here. I will be a repeat customer.
~ D.R.
Absolute Serenity!
This was my second visit. I purchased a two hour time period and split it up into a one hour thai massage and a one hour thai foot massage. All I can say is Kullawan is truly Magnificent!
~ A.B.
Thai Tranquility Massage
The name Thai Tranquility Massage describes exactly what occurs. I have been a repeat client monthly for four months. I return because it works. Kulawon's Thai massage helps to relax my tight muscles in my legs, back, arms, and neck. When I leave I feel very tranquil. Hence why the name says it all.
~ Earle S
full circle
As a busy International Executive I've travelled the Far East extensively for the past thirty years. Fortunately I learned to use Massage as a highly effective way to help manage my Stress and Jet Lag. Over the years I've built a network of Professional Massage Therapist that I use exclusively. When it comes to Traditional Thai Massage I rank Kullawan as one of the Best Therapist in the World. And she is right here in my own backyard in Providence, RI. Kullawan is definitely worth the trip..
~ K.P.
Kullawan is both strong and loving
She offers a massage to heal and restore. The knots are worked out, the realization of tension is addressed, relaxing both body and mind. Excellent!
~ Deb N
My 2 hour thai massage was more than blissful. I will be returning very soon for another, and another. I definitely found my massage therapist! 
~ Samantha G
Difference maker!
I was in search for a massage that truly made a difference in the way my body felt and was lucky to find Kullawan. I am sold on her Thai massage technique, it's not like any other form of massage. I am an avid runner and push my body to it's limits, a massage every 4-6 weeks has helped my body feel strong and revitalized. I realized what my body was missing after the 1st appointment. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
~ Pete B
None better!
Kullawan is the best gift you can give yourself because she is helping me heal naturally from the inside out and bring new healthy energy into my body. Her technique and knowledge are the best! I bought a package of massages and have loved each one!
~ Lisa C
Truly gifted
My shoulder pain has gone on for about 3 years. I even had surgery a couple years back without any apparent benefit. In 2 hour-long sessions, Kullawan NAILED it! I've never written a review of anything or anyone, but the gratitude I feel at the relief I've been givien is almost overwhelming. Kullawan is genuinely gifted and knowledgeable.
~ Joe McDonnell
Authentic Traditional Thai Massage
This was my first visit. Thank You Kullawan. My wife and I, before we were married, spent the better part of a year living and working in Phuket Thailand. We had a lot of massages. I have tried only 1 other practitioner since then and it was not the same. There is no better style of massage in my opinion, and Kullawan is the real deal. Authentic. Thank You. I'm glad we found you.
~ Richard C
joint relief
I have been fighting a toxic body, and Kullawan knows exactly how to get the pain out of my joints and muscles. Having had over 10 Thai massages from others in Thailand, I can tell you, she exceeds everyone of them. She is the best! Also, when I broke my foot, she worked every bone, tendon and muscle to the point where I could walk out of there without pain. She did in 1 hour what physical therapists could not do in over a month of treatments.
~ Leslie D
restorative and balanced
Kullawan is very attentive to take notes and listen to why I came for Thai Massge. During my 1 hour session, I felt the worry and stress that accumulated in my body melt away. Pain in my left leg and left shoulder were reduced from 5 to 2 in scale. She is very careful not to massage too hard by asking occassionally throughout the massage. The room is fragrant with lemon grass and dimly lit lighting. I will visit Kullawan again!
~ Eric Estenzo
My feet are in heaven
Loved the massage and she is absolutely lovely. I've been to Thailand and she is one of the best out there.
~ Caroline G
Thai massage is great
Thanks Kullawan for another great massage. I find this technique always makes me more relaxed and rejuvenates my energy levels. It's awesome!
~ Mark D
Thai massage
This was my first visit here & my first Thai massage. I've been getting massages on regular basis for 20 + yrs & seeing a chiropractor for 14 yrs. I would have to call my experience the best of both worlds. An amazing blend of stretching & full body massage delivered in a soothing, professional manner. This will be my only stop now for adjustments & relaxation.
~ Mark M
Simply incredible
As a practicing surgeon I occasionally strain my lower back muscles from leaning over the patient during surgery. I have been to many massage therapists all over the world and have NEVER felt better than after having a 90minute Thai massage with Kullawan. She has amazing talent and look forward to her incredible massage and kind spirit.
~ Dr. Mark 
Excellent experience
What a wonderful massage I received here! I have a cranky low back, and Kulluwan skillfully stretched and relaxed my whole body, greatly relieving my low back issues. The ease of booking and the comfortable enviroment all contributed to a perfect birthday massage. I will be back!
~ Dana O
love kullawan
I have received massages from Kullawan almost a dozen times now. She is an incredible masseuse and is very responsive to special needs. She is a warm and kind person and every visit is such a pleasure. I would strongly recommend Thai massage and Kullawan to anyone and everyone!
~ Samantha R
best massage ever
I could not be happier with my experience. Kullawan is an artist. I left the studio feeling energized light and focused
~ Stephanie Simon
Always Great
I've been seeing Kullawan for approximately two years. My recent visit helped me overcome a gym-related injury that I inflicted upon myself. I felt 95% better after having my massage. Kullawan is a true master. Looking forward to my next visit after the first of the year.
~ R.R.
What a treat! I highly recommend Thai Tranquility massage by Kullawan. She is incredibly sweet and professional. Her knowledge of Thai massage is abundant. I will definitely be returning. Thank you!
~ Anne M
feeling good
I had been working out hard at the gym. Every muscle in my body felt tight and I had little flexibility. After my Friday session with Kullawan, I was like a different person. Her magic hands and knowledge truly made me feel better. I'm a new person now.
~ R.R.
Relaxed & Energized!
This was my first Thai Massage experience and it was the best massage I have ever had. Feeling Relaxed & Energized! An amazing combination we don't feel very often. Kullawan is wonderful ~ I highly recommend!
~ S.C.
It has been forty years since I had a massage and not a Thai massage. I had a good experience and the time passed so quickly. I will definitely go back. The massage was gentle but firm and I felt very comfortable and satisfied.
~ Donna K
runners massage!
I was training for a road race and my legs and feet were feeling heavy & painful. Kullawan asked me the level of touch I preferred & treated me accordingly. Thai is very different than Swedish massage and involves a lot of stretching. Although relaxed, when I left I felt energized. The next morning, I mentally took inventory of my body to determine what the actual results of the Thai massage had been, and I realized I felt no pain, anywhere, at all. At nearly 62, this is quite incredible.
~ Margie S
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