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We are native Thais, highly skilled Thai bodywork therapists who have delighted thousands of clients with the unique benefits of traditional Thai bodywork. With over 30 years of training combined and a decade of residing in Providence, we are dedicated to perfecting the practice of finding those tension points and releasing them so you can move on with your day. Read on to get to know the therapists you’ll be working with.


Kullawan originates from Phitsanoluk, Thailand, where her favorite foods were tum yum (a spicy soup), khow soi (northern style noodles with meat), and kway teow (noodle soup). When she was very young, she thought she would like teaching as a career. Native meals and fruits are a couple of her favorite things about her homeland. As for life in Rhode Island, she especially enjoys the seasons and its people. Being a veteran Thai bodywork therapist, Kullawan is most satisfied when she helps her clients attain an improvement in their well-being.


Tong originates from Bangkok, Thailand, where her favorite foods were peppers, papaya salad and tom yum soup. As a little girl she thought that when she reached adulthood she would want to be a coffee shop owner or a bus driver. One of her favorite things about Thailand is the food. And what she likes best about Rhode Island is the the ocean. As a proficient Thai bodywork therapist, Tong enjoys the challenge required to effectively sooth client's muscles and make them feel better.


Mala was born and raised in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. Her favorite international foods are Thai, French and Indian, although she is not fussy about food and as she says, "I eat to live, not live to eat". In her childhood she imagined her adult career would involve helping people or animals. Some of her favorite things about Thailand are its silk, food, temples and culture. She enjoys the beautiful beaches of Rhode Island and our native drink, coffee milk. Mala likes getting to know clients and she is pleased to serve them with her Thai bodywork expertise.


Anne originates from Chiang Mai, Thailand, where her favorite foods were, fried rice, noodles and chicken satay. To be a tour guide, that was the career she dreamed of when she was a girl living in the popular tourist city of northern Thailand. One of her favorite things about Thailand is the food. And what she likes best about Rhode Island is that it’s a small and comfortable state. As a skilled Thai bodywork therapist, Anne enjoys seeing her clients reach a deep relaxation of mind and body.


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